Sunday, May 4, 2014

Learning About (and Stopping) Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers do perform as advertised; they stop the nervous system from interpreting pain signals. However, the increase of painkiller drug sales over the past decade has signaled increased dependence on the medicines. The addiction can take a dangerous turn, as was the case with Heath Ledger, Bruce Lee, and Marilyn Monroe. When you have been ordered to undergo rehab for painkillers, a treatment program can educate you on the severity of the problem.

Doesn’t Take Two to Tango
Some addicts may have a tendency to take a painkiller pill and wash it down with alcoholic drinks. Painkillers and alcohol are two substances that must never be put together because a mixture often results in a life-threatening overdose.
Abuse over Time
Even if a physician recommended taking painkillers in moderation over a certain period of time, your drug rehab specialist can wean you off that mindset. Some experts maintain that potential addictions may come about among first-time users as well as regular users.
The One-Two Finis
Self-regulation is never a viable option for stopping painkiller abuse. A reputable drug rehab center can lead the way under a structured detox and aftercare program. Psychological counselling adds value by addressing the cravings for the drug.


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