Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When is it Time for Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Most drug rehab centers have two types of services, inpatient or outpatient services. While each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages over the other, inpatient might be the only recourse left for some people. So how exactly do you tell when it’s time for a loved one to accept the hard truths and go to an inpatient rehab?

Relapse after Outpatient Care

In an outpatient rehab, the client really only has his own self-control to serve as a method of drug-avoidance. Unfortunately, for many who don’t have the resilience to constantly resist the temptation of addictive substances, a relapse is just one “why not” or “one last try” away. For these individuals, being in a closely-monitored environment 24/7 just might be the key.

Physical Backlash

Addiction is more than just a mental state, trying to rehabilitate oneself can take a serious toll on the body as well. For many drug dependents, things can turn from bad to ugly to downright life-threatening pretty quick, so it’s best to have medical assistance close at hand whenever the backlash strikes.

Mental Illness

If someone you know is suffering from mental illness along with addiction, inpatient care might be best, otherwise, they might be at risk of dropping out before the treatment is complete. When this happens, and should they get back to their lifestyle of dependence, their mental illness might only worsen.


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