Friday, April 11, 2014

A Rehabilitation Center in St. Louis Can Help Curb Heroin Epidemic

There’s an epidemic on the rise and, sadly, it’s not one being caused by a virus or bacteria of some sort. Heroin is pouring in from Chicago, and it’s quickly gaining popularity among youth who have used prescription drugs for recreational purposes in the past.

With this epidemic quickly spreading throughout the city, the importance of giving addicts drug rehab facilities in St. Louis, MO that they can run to is heightened. As one caller, a recovering teenage heroin addict, notes on the program, many St. Louis teens are not turning to drugs simply because they’re fun, but rather because they want to escape their own personal emotional difficulties.

At a caring St. Louis rehabilitation center, like the Midwest Institute for Addiction, youth who are embattled both against drugs and their own personal problems can get the support they need to overcome these issues.


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