Friday, April 25, 2014

Tips for Avoiding Painkiller Addiction

What are the first few thoughts that run through your mind when you hear Dr. Gregory House? You may be quick to say that he was the lead in one of the more popular medical TV shows in recent memory, or you may have mentioned that he was a “medical genius”. Others would point out that he is a poster child for painkiller addiction.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap that plagued the fictional medical genius, especially when the initial reason for using the painkiller is a legitimate medical concern. After all, if it was able to help you cope with the pain, how can it not help you cope with other matters? Granted, it is difficult to avoid developing a dependency on painkillers. However, here are a couple of ways you can avoid becoming addicted to the substance:

Disclose Condition(s)

If you have a history of depression or drug addiction, be sure to mention this to your doctor before he or she prescribes you a painkiller. Be proactive in protecting yourself from possible addictions.


If your pain is coming from a localized section of your body, try using topical sports creams or heat-retaining athletic gear. These methods can help manage your pain, especially when it isn’t time for your next pill yet.


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