Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Learning Proper Nutrition in Drug Rehab

When a person slides deeper into substance abuse, the chances are high that their eating habits will take a big hit. Some food experts and psychologists note that people undergoing substance abuse treatment mostly go for fast food and other suspect eating options. However, such an avenue will all but disappear when they enter rehab and are introduced to a healthier diet.
A reputable rehabilitation center will have a nutrition plan for fixing the body’s responses towards illegal substances. Amassing the willpower to continue with the rehab requires putting your brain in the right mindset and consuming foods heavy in protein. The key to a healthy recovery is to eat three full balanced meals a day, and that’s something your rehab nutritionist will see to.
Some food products have amino acids geared towards reducing addiction. Dairy products such as cow/goat milk and cheese, for example have L-glutamine and L-phenylalanine. Eating lean meats plus fruit and vegetables do add to the overall health. Vitamin supplements and other medication may be administered after every meal or as prescribed by the doctor. Sugary or caffeinated drinks must be avoided at all costs.

Going on the rehab trail requires more than staying away from substances. You need to eat right to get your body back on track. 


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