Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breaking the Chain of Addiction with Drug & Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis

An article from The Huffington Post published last February 12, 2014 features what recovering addicts and alcoholics go through on the road to their recovery. This crucial experience, known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (or PAWS), can help researchers and medical professionals, such as those in centers for drug and alcohol rehab in St. Louis, examine and evaluate patients’ conditions further to develop more effective methods.

The conditions disclosed in the article are not the easiest to go through, which only makes the process of rehabilitation for substance- and alcohol-dependent people even more admirable, especially for those who follow it through. Drugs and alcohol usually influence much of a person’s body and brain, and with habitual use, he/she may become absolutely dependent on the substance. When these are removed from the system, the body automatically seeks it and makes the craving much harder to ignore.


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