Saturday, May 17, 2014

Signs That Your Loved One is an Alcoholic

Drinking alcohol in small, tolerable amounts is good for any sensible adult. It can certainly help people relax and have fun. However, a person dependent on the high that alcohol provides is dangerous, both for the alcoholic and the people that surround and love him or her.

Alcoholics are rather easy to identify, if you know how to distinguish them from sober people. Here are some signs that will help you figure out if the person you’re concerned about is an alcoholic or not:
A continuously increasing tolerance for alcohol. If the person you love starts drinking whiskey the same way the kid next door drinks his OJ in the morning, that’s a telltale sign that your loved one is depending on the alcohol to cheer himself up.
Neglect of duties and responsibilities. A person who is frequently missing commitments and responsibilities at home and at work due to alcohol addiction should be ample warning for the people concerned about him or her.
An increase of risky and law-breaking tendencies. Everyone knows that drunk driving never ends well. However, if your loved one has been coming home drunk all the time, then it is best to seek professional help before it’s too late.


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