Thursday, May 29, 2014

Helping a Loved One Prepare for Drug Rehab

In TV shows and films, an intervention to help an individual overcome a drug addiction almost always goes smoothly. It’s not always the case in real life. Even with constant prodding from family and friends, some drug dependents don’t realize that it’s time to change their ways until something traumatic happens to them— they lose their job, they are abandoned by their family and friends, they meet an accident, and others.

Following an emotionally distressing experience, some drug dependents stop and say that they are ready to make an effort to overcome their addiction. If you have a loved one who’s in the same boat, you can provide some much-needed support by offering words of encouragement. It’s important for you to believe your loved one can overcome the challenge so he or she will remain strong enough to complete the treatment.

Refrain from making threats that if he or she relapses, you won’t be around to help. Such threats will only make things worse than before, and drive the individual into further depression. If you want to emphasize how entering drug rehab can benefit him or her, do so without being judgmental and state only the facts.

While your loved one may be in emotional turmoil when finally settling on a drug rehab program, don’t forget that you have to take care of yourself as well. Some rehab facilities offer support programs for those whose loved ones are addicted to drugs.


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