Friday, May 9, 2014

Rehab Against Codeine Cough Syrup Addiction

When you were younger, your parents may have given you doses of cough syrup products to aid your bodily functions. Some of them may have even been marketed in fruit flavors. However, despite learning how to drink pill-based medication later in life, there’s still the danger that you may have not moved on from syrups. Codeine syrups, in particular, are available by prescription. If circumstances warrant you undergoing drug rehab sessions after chugging one bottle too many, a specialist will teach you how to finally crack the habit.

Adults use codeine products as pain relief, but a further understanding of the substance─ such as the side effects─ is needed to better form the treatment plan. The side effects of codeine when mixed with promethazine, for example, include slow heartbeats, shallow breathing, chronic restlessness, and infrequent urinations.
Codeine is classified under the Controlled Substances Act as Schedule II, III, and V substances, with varying degrees of codeine content per dosage. As such, possessing codeine without a prescription carries stiff penalties and jail time. Schedule II codeine products already carry a higher risk of abuse, with at least 90 milligrams a dosage.
Ending a cough syrup addiction, especially for such addictive substances like codeine, is something you cannot do on your own. You need a skilled substance abuse rehab expert and the support of your loved ones to see it to the end.


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