Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Does Relapse Happen, Anyway?

Alcoholics who take the rehabilitation process seriously come out refreshed: they’re sober, they’re nice, and they reintegrate themselves into society quite nicely. Nothing can possibly go wrong with the way they are living their new lives.

Some of them, however, fall into relapse. They eventually start drinking in copious amounts, as if they never went to rehab at all. However, before people start judging relapsed alcoholics, they should understand why they did it in the first place.
One of the most common causes of relapse is the former alcoholic suddenly consuming a small amount of wine, albeit unknowingly. Some may also consume a small amount in order to test their resistance against the stuff.
Another trigger can be linked to the environment or stimulation that the recovering person strongly associates with drinking. If the recovering alcoholic liked listening to Bon Jovi while drinking, then it is possible that the he or she will be tested whenever It’s My Life plays on the radio.
Finally, recovering alcoholics who are stressed may revert back to drinking, as it helps them soothe their nerves. It is impossible to live a life without stress, so recovering alcoholics could start the habit again under too much pressure.
If the recovering alcoholic does revert back to his or her old ways, it is important that the people surrounding him or her understand the situation, and are willing to start from square one.


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