Monday, March 3, 2014

Helping a Loved One in Fight against Drugs

People use drugs for a variety of reasons. Some do so because of peer pressure, while others do so out of curiosity. However, an alarming situation is when users become dependent on the drugs to the point that getting a score is the only way they can function in their daily life. 

Admitting to having a drug problem, though, is not easy. Oftentimes, people who use drugs are in denial that they have indeed grown dependent on drugs. In other instances, these people only realize that they have an issue with drugs when their loved ones have staged an intervention. 

An intervention by the family is actually an indication that their lives are now also being affected by the user’s drug dependency. Usually, this is the time when the option of rehabilitation for their loved one is raised. A person who's asked to go to a rehab facility will likely act defensively. 

At this point, friends and family should avoid nagging and criticizing, and instead, work to gain the trust of the user so that they will at least be more open to entering a rehab facility when asked. It’s going to be tough, balancing one’s support for the user, while at the same time putting the foot down to get the user to make the right choice regarding rehabilitation. It’s not going to be an easy battle, but for sure, saving the life of your loved one from the death grip of drug use will be all worth it.


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