Monday, February 10, 2014

Negative Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can damage your digestive system, specifically the liver. Heavy drinkers may suffer from alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation) and cirrhosis (scarring of the liver). In the worst-case scenario, some alcohol-related liver diseases can cause death. 

One of the functions of the liver in a human body is to metabolize or break down substances like alcohol. However, when the liver isn't capable of breaking down alcohol anymore, the substance goes through the rest of the body. The alcohol that flows through the brain, for instance, impedes speech, memory, judgment, and other motor skills. 

What's more, long-term and excessive alcohol consumption can increase a person’s risk to heart disease. Tolerance to alcohol’s unpleasant effects can be a result of constant drinking. In this situation, one tends to drink even more than usual amounts. 

People who want to turn things around and leave their alcohol drinking habit behind can seek the help of a rehabilitation center. A person who has developed a severe alcohol addiction require the 24 hour support and care of rehab personnel. Rehab professionals can help an individual to kick the bad habit in a safe environment, without any danger of him or her inflicting harm to others.


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